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Nice to sweet you.

Welcome to dvash, Borehamwood’s exciting new charity  start-up. We’re on a mission to make a positive impact to young couples’ lives. dvash (de-vash) means honey in Hebrew. More than a catchy name, honey’s attributes are exactly the Jewish  experience everyone should expect:

  • Sweet and enjoyable, from start to finish. 
  • Sticky and binding, bringing you closer. 
  • Healthy and natural, enriching your lives.

So who are we?

Hi! We’re Rabbi Yosef and Carri Solomon, a caring couple who  want to encourage and assist you in building your own inspirational Jewish home. Our culture is renowned for close and  happy families, where tradition is shared and continued through  generations – which is what we want to help you with!

A popular and inspirational speaker, Yosef is an experienced educator and trained Rabbinic Marriage Counsellor with a passion for helping couples build  sustainable happy homes.

A sought-after mentor and speaker, Rebbetzin Carri is a  trained Marriage Enrichment Programme (MEP) and  Innate Health facilitator, helping women achieve their  relationship and maternal goals. As doting parents of seven beautiful children (yeah, phew!) we’ve got loads of  wisdom and practical tips to share.

Why? Because there’s nothing as meaningful as a loving relationship and nothing as special as parenting done right. It’s just sweet; sweet as honey!

Don’t take our word for it

“When we first moved to Borehamwood, we hardly knew anybody. Now we have to book Shabbat meals months in advance!”

D & S

“It’s so easy to get caught in the rut of work, work, work and a bit of family time. Your events add flavour and the learning adds meaning.”

D & T

“Married life is full of challenges. dvash grounded us and helped us see them as opportunities to grow closer.”

R & S

“When we hit the type of hard times you only read about, we thought we were not going to make it. The Solomon’s discreetly arranged a lifeline. We could never say thank-you enough.”

D & L


A warm and welcoming community

If you don’t live close to immediate family or the friends you grew up with, that doesn’t mean you need to go through life’s journey  feeling lonely! Come make special friendships with people sharing your stage and style of life.  

Come meet our friends >

A warm and delicious meal

In the past eight years, we’ve served over five thousand hand-crafted and home-cooked meals at our table. And because we’re health-conscious foodies, you’ll enjoy delicious, nutritious Shabbat and Yomtov meals in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. 

Please eat, before it gets cold >

A meaningful celebration
Meet new friends and connect with our network when you  celebrate Jewish calendar events with meaning and style. Like  you, we can’t stand empty ritual and instead seek to infuse your  experience of Jewish life in a way which inspires and empowers. 

Get on the guest list >


Looking for more? Need inspiration? Want clarity? We’ve got  answers and solutions. And because we know how demanding  family and work commitments are, and how difficult it can be to  balance them, we’ve made it simple and easy for you to explore  life and get more of what you want out of it.

dvash offers a wide range of topics in every aspect of  building a sustainable happy Jewish home, including  marriage, parenting, ethics and practical spirituality. 

And with our flexible learning options from boy’s night to  ladie’s lounge, and moduled courses to personalised  coaching, simply choose the path that suits your lifestyle. 

Expecting? We’ve got something for you!:  Fruitful: The Jewish Antenatal Course  A thoughtfully designed user-friendly course which shares  the practical and spiritual perspective of pregnancy,  labour, birth and beyond. Meet other young couples,  prepare properly and stress less. 


Support is not just a tab on a website to get technical help. Really  it’s a borrowed term from real life, because being human means  there’s times when you need someone to lean on. We’re here for you. Discreetly, respectfully and confidentially. Strong people  know it’s OK to be weak sometimes.

Marriage Counselling

Rabbi Yosef has years of experience and success in  guiding couples to a more harmonious and effective  relationship. Although he’s insightful teachings are based  in Torah, he’s extensively trained in Rabbinic counselling  and is a highly qualified Innate Health facilitator.

Mothering Mentor

Rebbetzin Carri puts you in touch with your natural and  powerful maternal instinct, helping you navigate the ups  and downs of motherhood with confidence and success.  She’s guided women through infertility to pregnancy, and  from labour through to lactation.

Pastoral Services

Are you looking for a sensitive and non-judgmental  perspective to accompany you through life’s cycles? Do  you seek a spiritually uplifting experience? Do you want to  access Judaism’s timeless wisdom for life’s oldest issues?  Rabbi Yosef is your Rabbi.


Like what we do?

So help us do more. We’re a registered charity 1185002 and rely on your support. Please consider a monthly donation or a contribution that will enable us to continue our important work. Simply click on the amount you wish to gift us:

The Giving Gemach

Show me community with a gemach (a kindness program) and I will show you sustainability, continuity and vitality. We’ve taken this ancient Jewish principle and transformed it into a modern version which connects you to your neighbors by giving you all the opportunity to share your things and your skills.


 Give us a Call or WhatsApp us on:

 078007 65894

Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. We look forward to chatting and getting to know you. Come on, choose a medium and make the call:

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